Monday, July 17, 2017

Building an Empire

"... baby I'm from New York 
                              concrete jungle where dreams are made of... "

Hello everyone!
it's the 13th day of KKN already and at the very moment, I'm in Padang for monitoring and evaluation of my team's Pekan Kreatifitas Mahasiswa in Pengabdian Masyarakat ( Community Service ) field.

So... it seems like everyone of my medical friends who are having KKN have been posting their so-called-KKN-but-turn-out-to-be-vacation pictures...hahahha.. 😎😁

I,myself also felt that way.
My slogan was so right ...

" KKN is a summer camp only cheaper....and remoter " πŸ‘΄πŸ˜Ž

My jorong ( it's like village ) cosist of 7 students...and luckily I have Bang Firman, who is my 2013 senior from Medical in my jorong. #Yayness πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘―

Things have been fun. So many new things to learn, to understand.
And one of the finest thing that happened

" Bahaso minang Gladys lah lancar yo..."

It was an honour. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰
2 and a half year in CIMSA, in which one year being Community Development Coordinator, has thaught me not only the health condition in Padang and the people.. but also the culture, and how to blend with the people... in attitude, and of course in language.

It feels so good whenever i'm put in a community with different daily language, I get to learn them too.
It was first with my junior and high which 95% of my friends were speaking Hokkien (sorry if I mistype it)

And now, in Padang with the Minang Kabau culture.

And I am praying and hoping that when I'm having internship, i go to Bataknese I get to re-learn my own culture and language...before I ughhh "in-laws" and embarrass myself if i don't even know my own culture and language...hahahahha

Thanks God for everything...for the dreams and the way towards them...
for Your ways....

Monday, July 3, 2017

The heart speaks in wordless language

him : " kenapa tiba-tiba diam Nong?"
me   :  #balik natap dia "...gapapa..."
him  :  #PinchingMyNose " Oalah..idung.."
me    :  #Inhaling "....kasih aku kaos kamu ini."

So I guess this will be a chessy post...since I don't really like posting my love story, in picture nor words... But this time, I felt something I never felt before...

Actually Ndutt, I fell in silence and looked the other way just after you told me
him : " Nong..udah tau berita OSCE kita dari PEDIATRIC? "
me  :  " Blum.. hp aku mati."
him : " Jadi katanya kita bakal tetap selesai KKN tanggal 13. Jadi kalau OSCE kita cuman dapat izin di 1 hari-nya itu aja  tanggal 11/12."
me   :  " lah trus perjalanannya balik ke Padang gimana?"
him  :  " ya jadi kita balik sebelum ujiannya, terus habis ujian, balik lagi ke tempat KKN "

Then I just threw my face away and fell silent.
Because I already promised myself that I'm not gonna complain about this 40-day-KKN.
But that was really an unexpected news... making all 2014 students come one day before they have OSCE. Like, God knows where our KKN places are...some in Mentawai (another island), some need 5-8 hour trip to just reach Padang. And, how are we gonna practise all our skill-labs in our KKN place.
How are we supposed to practise making thick blood smear for Malaria investigation skill, checking eye-sight, putting NGT.

That put me in silence.

But I already promised myself. No crying. No complaining. 
So I keep them.

You know Ndutt.. you only said " aku gugup..buat KKN ini."
But somehow, I know it's something more.

Although you only said " keep in touch ya...line, sms sebisanya."
But I can hear the worry behind those words.

And I know you can sense the same from me although I didn't say anything.
Cuz for the first time, you didn't say I was 'cheesy' for asking for your worn T-shirt.
You just went inside your house as I asked you to and give me the one you've just worn.

So yeah...
Good luck for KKN all my 2013 and 2014 student friends.
And my special wishes to PED14TRIC, may God bless our soul, heart, and mind in all this shifting curiculum. May we become a strong-willed and sincere doctors.

And I know I'm gonna be looking forward to meeting these people... Ndutt, Oliph, May, Ulfa, Sari.. and go out full-team with Yoseph, Rio, Sera. 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

i guess time heals

So apparently, I’ve been MIA for too long, even when I’m not an official in CIMSA any more..hahhahaha

This is just the thing I realized this past couple of weeks :

  1. I miss the kind of friendship that’s just so open and always-be-there-for-you.
    But the thing is, as I grow “young-adult-er”, I see that most of the times, I just gotta get things done by myself. Get my feelings straight by myself, get my home done by myself, get my school done, by myself, Because it’s no one’s duty, but mine.

  1. There are just shitty people living among us, and sometimes we are the shitty people.
    I learn not to expect sorry from this one girl who made me go alone to get “our” things done and didn’t even give the right info, leaving me waiting in an expedition office sitting looking at my phone hoping her pick-up or text back.
    And some of the times, I am the shitty person to my surroundings.
    So no need to hope her realize what she did. Just wait till it ‘ll pass. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

When you hit the rock bottom

So, I just finished watching SING.
It's actually Cia who recommended this one to me, and I downloaded it.
And since tomorrow I got nothing big, other than my Final Semester Test for Metedologi Penelitian (which I freaking try to understand...and just don't πŸ™ˆπŸ˜€πŸ˜œ ) so yeah...

The movie is good.
It's really refreshing to watch the movie.
Especially after the "huge" news in our faculty.

1. For the first time, Andalas Medical faculty is sending the PRECLINIC students to KKN.
Usually med-school students do KKN in their clinical year in Unand.

2. Starting from our year ( batch 2014), every thing is measured, EVERY FREAKING THING.
Skills lab has its own SKS (points in GPA).
Lab works have their own exams and will be accumulated in the final points.

3. Even we have exams for FOME and now, research methodelogy. Which NONE of our seniors DID.

4. Our final paper (skripsi ) timing is delayed compared to our seniors'.
And now we had KKN comin in July, and the clinical term usually starts on february and the preparation starts from january

Basically means :
"can't really do final paper that time!" "GOODLUCK doing it within 4 months,fellas!" πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
5. We have OSCE STRAIGHT after KNN.
" Like how am I gonna practice in my KKN time?" πŸ˜”πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜₯

6. Starting from this year also, Junior Clerkship is gonna have EXAMS.
( Like all the exams are still not enough for us πŸ˜«πŸ˜«)

So yeahh, seems like our last year of Preclinic will be the time of our life.
time when 'becoming a doctor' is questioned.
time when you think " is it worth it?" πŸ‘€

"Can I just get married? Like I don't need a medical degree to do so..πŸ‘ˆ πŸ‘…πŸ‘Ώ

and it's also the time when I go :

Bapa, kalau memang ini jalan yang harus aku lewati untuk mencapai mimpiku, kuatkanlah aku. Teguhkanlah aku Bapa. Teguhkanlah aku Ya Bapa. "

And watching SING just teaches me

" It's good to hit the rock bottom. Cuz' there's no other way than UP."

So yeah..goodnight dreamers.
Sleep tight, cuz' you're gonna need that energy to make them come true. πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Misconception People Carry Around

So, it’s almost 3 years ( to be precise, it’s 2 years and 8 months) I’ve been staying in Padang.
And these kind of questions always occur along the way, whether it’s with my neighbor, church people, or friends.
“ Do you wear hijab there?”
“ Do you have any church there?”
Those kind of questions.
So, for almost 3 years I’ve been in Padang, I’ve always been going to church.
And yeah, I did wear hijab once, in a event my Standing Committee in CIMSA held, World Diabetes Day. And it wasn’t because any one asked me to, it was because I wanna try.
Truth is, so many people with small experiences are the ones with the biggest mouth.

I make friends here. And honestly, the closets friends I have are the open minded ones.
I don’t see why religions should be big deal when your making friends, or going to study out of town, or even overseas.
Because the truth is, it’s about what you believe inside.
in your dreams, in your faith, in you.

This is how I usually dress for coollege. 
Skirt and shirt.

Either it's long sleeve or short shirt.
Either it's ankle-length or knee-length.

P.S : So Imma be doing this Misconception things…in some parts.
First one is this. The laters will be on Medan, positives and negatives from Medan and Padang.

So yeah.. till the next post.

G la dy s

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

M e e t m y f r i e n d, ACNE.

I never thought I would be posting this thing.
Because I kinda just wanted to keep it secret, 'cause I felt embarrassed of it.
But it's almost 2 years now, since I had my first acne vulgaris flare.

So, here's what happened just now.
I was eating in a warung ampera by myself, cause it's exam day and whenever it's exam, most medical students in Unand prefer staying ( and perhaps studying ) at home.
So. I was enjoying my meal, when I heard

Man : " Dek.."
Me :  #noleh ke asal suara
Man : " Anak saya dulu kayak kamu juga wajahnya. Percis. Merah juga."
Me : " Iya Pak....lagi diobati." #put a smile on it
Man : " Makan aja DEXAMETHASON sama CTM. Anak saya makan itu. 2 kali sehari. Hilang sekarang. Ga ada lagi..."

Truth be told, I didn't feel hurt nor embarrassed then, and not feeling it now neither.
Weird thing is, I am concerned of his kid.
How many DEXAMETHASON did she/he take? For how long?
Did he/she stop taking it just instantly?
How is he/she doing right now? → should've asked him this one. πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

Dexamethasone is a corticosteroid drug. It's used for anti-inflamation, this' why the Man kid's acnes stop. It's usually prescribed for severe inflamatory, after organ transplantation, and in auto-immune disease, such as Lupus.
In Indonesia, people can get Dexamethasone in any drugstore without prescription.
You can not use it like any other drug.  It can suppress one's immunity, it can alter the ADRENAL secretion. 

And trust me, you don't wanna mess with the adrenal gland.


Acne vulgaris is a common chronic skin disease involving blockage and/or inflammation of pilosebaceous units (hair follicles and their accompanying sebaceous gland).  

And the etiologies of acne :

Intrinsic factors 


Extinsic factors

climate/ temperature / humidity

- Buku Ilmu Penyakit Kulit dan Kelamin 
Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Indonesia

I come from a family, my mom's side, with oily-skin and acne-flare-in-young-adulthood history.
I, myself, notice that the acnes will come in the last week of my menstrual cycle.
I had acne flare last year, after applying a cream that my mom bought in he market. It didn't have any brand. It was yellow and rather shiny. 
After that, the flare just went crazy. I had it all over my face, and even it woke my up at night because of the pain felt in my face.

Truth be told, I was so embarrassed that I chose not to go out, wore a mask when I went to campus, minimized any unnecessary conversations with any one.

My Mom even went mad because I kept on whining about it.
She was like :

" Gak Pa, biar dia tau. Kalau sekarang Tuhan kasih kek gini, emang apa mau kita bilang. Emang kita mau terima yang enak aja dari Tuhan. Dikasih yang gak enak, lansung marah."

It was because I was acting so childish.
After that, I went on a dermatologist care, who is also my lecturer at campus.
It was from January 20th 2016 untill October 2016.
The medicatition did cost a lot. That was the time when Mom had to send me money 2 times my normal one semester expenses.

I stopped coming for more, when I was kept on beeing told to go on Derma Roller by the doctor.
Because that one cost like the price of a motorcycle. πŸ‘΄πŸ‘΅

After I stopped, I was using Retinoid Acid cream. I still have acnes here and there, but it was still manageable, untill last week.
Whether it was due to the 6th week (one week before exam), my menstrual cycle, or my diet, the acnes was way more than I can take.
So, I went to another doctor. And today is day 6 of the medication. Right now my face is kinda redish and dark in some spots, due to the dead skin that hasn't pilled-off yet.

Well, having acne didn't just change my monthly expenses, or make me know how treatment can be so frustating and challenging.
But in this almost 2 year process, I've learnt :

1. To see me as I AM.
The flare-up. The calm phase. Family history. 
Things that I can not change as the way it is. I am working on making it better, but if it just doesn't when all the effort is given, then accepting the way it is, is the cure, at least for the heart.

2. To guard my own heart
Whenever people ask about it, or give advices, I try to remember they mean good.
It's me who have to make sure that I'm in peace with myself, what people say shouldn't matter.

The way I see my Acne Vulgaris now, is just like an ALLERGIC RHINITIS, or FOOD ALLERGY,  or ASTHMA.
How, some people wake up in the morning with runny nose and sneezes. Or how some people can't eat shrimp if they don't wanna find itchy, reddish, swollen skin,mouth, or throat.
Those are conditions people are born with.
All we can do is making sure we stay away from what may precipitate the 'attack.
And if it comes, handle it with good care. 

I know that I'm not always optimistic about my medication. There are times, when it gets tiring and boring. But I'm gonna remind myself with this post whenever that time comes. 

G l a d o s.